How to adjust your child’s allergies?

Why are children susceptible to allergies in spring?
Spring is a very good season, and the year is spring, but spring is a big test for children. Chinese medicine speaks about golden wood and fire, and wood is the most important climate in spring. The wood corresponds to the liver of the body. Therefore, if the child is not well cared for in the spring, it is prone to the situation of liver and wood. Once the liver is over, it is easy to appear. Allergies.
Why does it cause liver sputum? There are a lot of deep things behind, especially related to the child’s spleen and stomach. As a parent, I am worried that my child is not enough nutrition. I always let him eat a lot of things all the time. It is not wrong to eat. But after eating it, it is the most important problem. If it can’t be digested and absorbed, it will damage the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach. Once injured, what our Chinese doctors call “the soil sputum” will lead to the characteristics of spring liver and wood, and many children are allergic. read more

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