Why are children susceptible to allergies in spring?
Spring is a very good season, and the year is spring, but spring is a big test for children. Chinese medicine speaks about golden wood and fire, and wood is the most important climate in spring. The wood corresponds to the liver of the body. Therefore, if the child is not well cared for in the spring, it is prone to the situation of liver and wood. Once the liver is over, it is easy to appear. Allergies.
Why does it cause liver sputum? There are a lot of deep things behind, especially related to the child’s spleen and stomach. As a parent, I am worried that my child is not enough nutrition. I always let him eat a lot of things all the time. It is not wrong to eat. But after eating it, it is the most important problem. If it can’t be digested and absorbed, it will damage the spleen and stomach, the spleen and stomach. Once injured, what our Chinese doctors call “the soil sputum” will lead to the characteristics of spring liver and wood, and many children are allergic.

To say the cause of allergies, we also need to define the concept of allergies. Some people often say that others are “neurologically allergic”, and the so-called nervousness is an overactive reaction. Normal people do not react excessively to this thing, but children with this constitution have an excessive reaction to something that is not harmful to the human body.
Causing children allergies, the congenital endowment is the first major cause of allergies, the second major cause is the long-term involvement of the spleen and stomach, the third major cause is the child’s emotional injuries, emotional aspects from the perspective of Western medicine is the mental and neurological factors.
What is the difference between an allergy and a cold?
As a parent, you should know that allergies are a big concept. Allergies include many diseases in pediatrics. It is really worthy of our analysis.
Generally speaking, cold is usually seven or eight days in three or five days. If you have three or five days, even if you have nasal congestion, runny nose, or sneezing, you need to distinguish between a cold or an allergy. In general, if you have a fever in the early stage, it may often be cold like this; if you don’t have a fever, just nasal congestion and sneezing runny nose, this may be the onset of allergic rhinitis.
Many allergies have symptoms of early aura. For example, many children always smoke their noses, rub their eyes, always clear their throats, and even some of them always make faces, such as wrinkling their noses and licking their mouths. These may have a lot to do with allergies.
How do children with allergies adjust?
It should be said that such diseases are difficult to treat, and medicine has a better method for such diseases, but Western medicine is called the “four in one” method.
First, identify allergens, allergies are caused by what, the most important source of allergens in China is aphids. Know what the source of allergies is, consciously avoid it, circumvent it, and don’t touch these things. For example, some are pollen, some animal’s dander, you have to avoid this allergen, this is the first step. The second is a treatment for symptoms; the third is a treatment for the cause; the fourth is the most important: reasonable science education. In fact, this kind of disease is the biggest help, because this type of disease is a chronic process, requiring parents to properly feed their children for a long time, reasonable care for clothing, food, housing, travel, and emotion.
Nowadays, many parents are most wrong. They are always afraid that their children are not nutritious enough to let their children eat. After eating, the children will not digest and not absorb. The child is born with the characteristics of “the spleen is often inadequate”. The function of the spleen and stomach is not comparable to that of the adult. The parents do not consider the child’s innate gastrointestinal function, but simply give nutrition, ignoring whether the child can withstand, cannot digest and absorb. The ability to digest and absorb is nutrition, digestion and absorption can not, the thing that is eaten is the body’s garbage, but it harms the child. So now the more children eat, the worse they are. Instead, they have more respiratory diseases and allergic diseases.
If the child is allergic to spring, how to adjust it?
First, observe how the child is digesting now. How do we judge the child’s digestion?
If the digestion is good, but the child is still allergic, then the big possibility is genetic and emotional problems. Then, you must control your child’s emotions. Don’t let him be too excited. For example, if you are 5 years old, you should go to kindergarten. If you go to kindergarten, you should be a teacher. Don’t let your child play too crazy.
How to prevent children from allergies?
The best way to prevent it from happening is to keep your child from getting sick. For example, children do not have allergic physical characteristics, parents know that allergic diseases are related to heredity, poor digestion, and emotional, and they are prevented from these three aspects.
If you are a child who is already allergic, you must consciously spend your time in daily life, digestion and emotions.
It is more reasonable to dress. Parents are afraid that their children will be cold and wear a lot of clothes for their children. In fact, wearing too much can also smother children. You can wear more than one in the morning and evening, especially children under the age of three. You can wear more than one adult in the morning and evening; children over the age of 3 are basically the same as adults. But don’t wear so much from morning to night, and wear it off with temperature changes.
After breakfast, spend 10 seconds to judge the child’s digestion. If the child is digested normally, his skin will not be problematic.
For children with allergies, the air in the room should be circulated, but the wind cannot be blown directly onto the child’s head and face.
Also, be careful not to let the children play too crazy, the weather is not good, such as spring, try not to take the children out to blow or get cold when there is no sunshine in the morning and evening.



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