I do not know when to “weight loss” has become a popular name. Around the “weight loss” has also appeared N a variety of topics N a variety of production methods, N a variety of ways to lose weight. For a female friend who is naturally sexy and sexy, “slimming” is a luxury that women’s friends pursue beautiful and beautiful. Faced with a variety of ways to lose weight, perhaps every female friend has a different weight loss experience. If you ask these friends who have experienced weight loss, I think most people will say “to lose weight too hard”. Today we will tell you that losing weight is not difficult, because “happy health science and weight loss” has started now. I hope that you do not blindly lose weight, to be suitable for yourself, but also healthy!

Need to know before losing weight:

Before losing weight, everyone must first understand some common sense concepts and standards for healthy weight loss.

BMI = weight (KG) / height m2

Underweight <18.5

Normal 18.5~23.9

Overweight 24.0~27.9

I degree obesity 28.0~31.9

II degree obesity 32.0~35.9

III degree obesity ≧ 36

Waist-to-hip ratio: The waist-to-hip ratio is a criterion for judging whether or not obesity is based on the waist-to-hip ratio of the tester.

Waist to hip ratio: waist circumference hip circumference

Male <0.94 normal

Female <0.82 normal

Body fat percentage: The body fat percentage is the body fat ratio measured by the body composition analyzer to determine whether a person is obese;

Male Female

Normal 15% 22%

Overweight 25~30% 30~35%

Obesity 30~35% 35~40%

Zhongfei 35~45% 40~50%

Heavy fertilizer ≧45% ≧50%

Target heart rate: The target heart rate is between 60% and 75% when performing weight loss exercises.

Target heart rate = (220 – age – static heart rate) × 60% -75% + static heart rate. For beginners, it can usually be maintained at 60-65%. If you pursue high intensity regardless of your physical condition, it will be detrimental to your health.

Weight loss law

Healthy and beautiful body = reasonable exercise + balanced diet + positive attitude + good living habits


Health diet

Mainly cereals, no less than 200 grams per day.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, 500 grams a day. Moderate consumption of milk beans and their products. Milk 2 cups a day, moderate consumption of eggs, fish, poultry, lean meat, less fat and oyster sauce. Eat less fat, no more than 20 grams. Eat light, salty foods. Salt does not exceed 6 grams/day. For drinking, limited amount. Liquor 50ML / week, red wine 100ML / week, beer 500ML / week. Eat clean and healthy food. Try to choose a sugar-free drink. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Eat the right amount of nuts, less than 50 grams. Eat less fatty foods.

Health science weight loss exercise







Exercise method:


Speed up the pace and increase the amplitude of the swing arm; it is a very effective way of aerobic exercise. Going up the stairs: two steps are one step, similar to the flat bow and arrow way up the stairs, the needle

It has a good shaping effect on the legs and buttocks.


Tightening your hips for 15 seconds while standing, relax for 5 seconds. Repeated practice. It has a good body sculpting effect on the buttocks. Sitting on electricity

In front of the brain:

1 Slowly raise your feet (vertical ground on the soles of the feet) for 15 seconds, slowly lower them, relax for 5 seconds, and practice repeatedly. Molding training for the abdomen.

2 Put your hands on your chest and put your hands together, and apply force to the middle hands at the same time. At the same time, the chest. Practice for the chest.

3 The arm is lifted up and attached to the head side, the arm is perpendicular to the ground, and the arm is naturally dropping. Then slowly raise the arm with the elbow as the axis. After 15 times, change to the other side. Repeated practice

4 groups at a time. For external training of the arm (triceps)

Resistance training is the best way to shape women for weight loss. There is an image metaphor: losing weight is like a big apple if it is just a single aerobic exercise, knot

If it turns into a small apple, but if the round apple is to be as slim as a cucumber, then it needs a carving knife, and the resistance training is this carving knife.

Exercise must be gradual and measurable.

Be sure to follow scientific movements to avoid sports injuries.

Choose the way you like to exercise, there are many ways to exercise, just choose what you like to do because as long as the movement is everywhere, as long as you move, it will definitely consume

Warm up and stretch when you exercise

Warm-up exercises allow the body to adapt to exercise as quickly as possible to prevent injury.

Stretching is not just about stretching the muscles but also expanding the range of motion. This is to keep the cartilage strong and healthy, reduce tension and keep the muscles and bones in a row

Columns are very important.

Health science weight loss refers to sleep

Guarantee a good night’s sleep, no less than 7 hours. Guarantee the three meals intake and time.

The ratio of three meals a day:

Breakfast 30% Chinese 40% Dinner 30%

Many people have a common meal when they are having a meal, and they always feel that they are not full. This is easy to gain weight.

Solution: Use the other hand to eat chopsticks, and chew more than 20 foods per entrance. Slowly you will find that you are eating more slowly than others, less than the original, but soon full. Don’t stay up late.

Summary of experience in health science and weight loss

In the process of losing weight, don’t blindly choose weight-loss products. You should choose the right one according to your own situation. When you choose, look at other weight-loss people.

Evaluation, if the product reputation reaches more than 90%, it means that the product can be selected.

Of course, I just started to lose weight. I am also blind. Because I have no experience, it is easy to follow suit. Because I am eating obesity, so to lose weight, the first thing I want to lose weight

The natural thing is to diet and lose weight. However, dieting is really painful. In addition to reducing the food intake to one-third of the normal diet, the diet is light, and all kinds of meat and fat are eliminated.

Food, I also gave up my favorite snacks. This is not over yet, I still insist on jogging for an hour every day, pay attention to running the stairs, girls!

Have a good attitude and be persistent·

Good eating habits, more exercise, adequate sleep quality

Persistence is a victory. I hope everyone can lose weight successfully.

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