Sometimes you will see such a phenomenon in life: some people will eat abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, or itchy skin after eating fish, shrimp, crab, and other foods. Some people may have rhinitis or asthma after inhaling pollen or dust. Some people will experience shock after penicillin injection. These are all manifestations of allergic reactions. Severe allergic reactions can also lead to death. A substance that causes an allergic reaction is medically known as an allergen. When the body’s ability to resist antigen intrusion is too strong, allergic reactions occur under the stimulation of allergens. Identifying allergens and avoiding exposure to allergens as much as possible is the primary measure to prevent allergic reactions. Those who have had an allergic reaction should go to the hospital for treatment.

An allergic reaction is a reaction of tissue damage or dysfunction that occurs when an immune-producing organism is stimulated by the same antigen again. The response is characterized by rapid onset, strong response, and rapid regression. It generally does not destroy tissue cells and does not cause serious damage to tissues. There are obvious genetic predispositions and individual differences.

  • Prevention method
  1. Balance your daily diet

People with allergic physique should pay attention to diet, do not eat greasy, spicy food, but also eat less sweet, these foods may aggravate allergic symptoms. Eat more vitamin-rich foods to strengthen the body’s immunity. Broccoli and citrus are resistant to allergies and should be eaten in daily life. Eat more calorie food, you must not eat cold food.

  1. Have good habits

Wash your face and brush your teeth with hot water and change your laundry frequently. Pillows, sheets, bedding, etc., which often cause skin irritation, should be washed frequently and dried. Don’t be exposed to high concentrations of pollen and paint. Avoid contact with allergens from everyday life.

  1. Exercise and strengthen your resistance

Regularly doing some exercise, relaxing the body and mind, and then supplementing the medicated diet to enhance immunity, has a significant effect on improving allergic constitution.

  1. Correct use of skin care products

Allergic skin is extremely sensitive, so be careful when choosing skin care products. Don’t use products that contain spices, alcohol, and fruit acids, which can cause irritation to the skin and cause allergies.

  1. Carrying medicines for allergy treatment

Many people have taken drugs such as chlorpheniramine and Jin Fumin to treat allergies, in case of emergency, I agree.

Desensitization therapy can be used to treat allergic conditions in patients with severe symptoms. In this therapy, doctors use chemical methods to change the patient’s serum and dilute it. Subcutaneously injecting altered allergens and antigen infusions made from substances such as milk and pollen, and gradually increasing the concentration of allergens to adjust the body’s immune system and make allergic substances resistant to allergens. Thereby it can effectively prevent allergies.

  • Diet conditioning

Allergic patients should pay attention to the balance of diet and nutrition, eat less greasy, sweet and irritating food, tobacco, wine and so on Some foods are also allergens, so be careful to identify them. Eating more vitamin-rich foods can enhance your body’s immunity. According to nutritionists, onions and garlic contain anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent allergies. A variety of vegetables and fruits are also resistant to allergies, with broccoli and citrus being especially effective. People with allergies should drink some soy milk every day.

  • Dietary principle

Avoid eating foods that cause allergies. Usually, the diet is regularly dosed. Choose high-protein, high-calcium foods, and the calories should be enough. Cold foods are strictly forbidden. According to a survey by Japanese experts, in addition to genetic factors, food can also induce the onset of the allergic constitution. Animal food such as meat, milk, and eggs is the main culprit.

Taking meat as an example, meat can reduce the quality of red blood cells in the human body and increase the size of the body. Such red blood cells lack vitality and are easily broken. The human body composed of such low-quality red blood cells has greatly weakened the adaptability and assimilation function to nature. Adding protein molecules of milk and eggs, it is easy to infiltrate into the blood from the intestinal wall, forming anaphylatoxins such as histamine and serotonin, stimulating allergic reactions in the body, causing the peripheral blood vessels to dilate and causing skin inflammation.

On the contrary, some light foods rich in vitamins and plant proteins, such as soybeans, brown rice, buckwheat, bean products, chestnuts, carrots, cabbage, green peppers, fruits, and low-cholesterol dried fruits, should be ingested. And the usual diet should be nutritious, in order to improve the body’s immunity. Japanese experts have also developed food formulas such as cakes made with millet and hazelnuts, wheat flour for children and “hypoallergenic rice”. The same applies to adults with the allergic constitution. To this end, the best way for scientists to research is to reduce the intake of some animal foods, and to eat more brown rice and vegetables, so that the child’s allergic constitution can be improved.

  • Daily skin care

Because the symptoms of allergic skin vary from person to person, their performance varies. Therefore, the choice of skin care products should be very careful, the following principles can be followed when purchasing:

  1. Do not choose products that are too fragrant, because they contain too much spice, too complicated, and easily cause allergies.
  2. Products containing alcohol and fruit acids should also be used with caution, as it is very irritating to the skin and will definitely add to the sensitive skin.
  3. Don’t use deep cleansing scrubs and exfoliating creams, these are allergic products.
  4. At the time of purchase, you should select the product labeled “Used for sensitive skin” or “hypoallergenic” or “tested by dermatologist”.
  5. Misuse of cosmetics can lead to cosmetic allergies, even “cosmetic dermatitis” and “hormone-dependent dermatitis”, so it deserves attention.

Allergy symptoms are a serious problem that we must pay attention to. There are too many examples of losing life due to neglecting allergy symptoms.

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