Skin allergies are a very common form of allergies, and 20% of people have skin allergies. Symptoms of skin allergies are itching, and may also be accompanied by redness and swelling, blisters, or symptoms such as scarring and oozing of the lesion; these conditions vary in shape and size. Occasionally, chest tightness, numbness, swelling, etc. may occur; when these symptoms appear, it is skin allergies. Other skin allergy symptoms include itchy skin, sneezing, runny nose, tears, rashes, airway obstruction, or skin conditions such as urticaria. In extremely rare cases, an allergic reaction can even be life-threatening, such as a condition called anaphylactic shock.

With the extensive use of cosmetics, skin diseases caused by cosmetics have also increased significantly, and skin allergies are one of the most common ones. In order to prevent skin allergies, after the cosmetics are bought back, do not apply directly to the face. You must first do a skin allergy test on cosmetics to prevent adverse effects after extensive use and to ensure safe use. Any replacement of cosmetics (skin care products), as long as the first use of the brand should be allergy testing, allergy testing methods, generally can be a small amount of testing in the ear, can also be a simple test in the hand. In short, the small-scale test of the face is effective in predicting whether cosmetics are suitable, especially those with allergic skin, so as not to cause unnecessary consequences. Shumin allergy cosmetics, the materials used in general are purely natural, and now there is no cosmetic that can make any skin allergic to cosmetic allergies. Because cosmetic allergies are classified as oily skin allergies, and dry skin allergies, it is important to choose the product that suits you. Try not to change cosmetics frequently, use zero-burden products, plant water products, skin care, and damage will be the lowest, and always understand the nature of your skin, to protect yourself.

  • Main substance

The cause of skin allergies is due to certain ingredients in cosmetics, which cause irritation to the skin cells, causing the skin cells to produce antibodies, which leads to allergies. Many of the cosmetics currently on the market are made from chemical raw materials. The harmful additives such as emulsifiers, perfumes, pigments, fungicides, and preservatives are very harmful to the skin.

Oils and fats: Although it can keep the skin moist and resist external stimuli, it will also prevent the skin from breathing, leading to large pores and causing sebaceous gland dysfunction;

Emulsifier: It will damage the skin tissue structure, cause skin sensitivity and have strong carcinogenicity;

Pigment: easy to cause pigmentation, causing pigmentation;

Perfume: It has strong allergenicity and is easy to cause allergic reactions;

Bactericide: kills harmful bacteria and kills beneficial bacteria, reducing the skin’s own protective function;

Preservative: It produces 100% active oxygen and is one of the culprits of skin aging.

  • Symptom

Symptom 1: Micro Itching + Redness

Generally, after using water emulsion, it is more comfortable. The skin absorbs nutrients more smoothly and does not have other symptoms. When using the purchased water lotion to make your skin appear itchy and red and swollen, it proves that your face has a problem and is slightly allergic. In addition, the symptoms of this allergy often appear on people with dry faces, so people with dry skin can almost be confirmed as allergic when such symptoms occur.

Symptom 2: Acne

The skin is in a normal state of water and oil balance and the skin is in a normal state. However, if the healthy skin suddenly appears to have acne or red sputum, it proves that the skin at this time is different from the health problem. This is generally the case when the selection of water and milk is inappropriate, resulting in insufficient moisture in the skin and excessive absorption of fat, so the face suddenly appears such a problem.

Symptom 3: Facial fever

Many times, the problem of fever on the face does not make many people care, so after a long time, other symptoms or fever frequency will become higher. After using the inappropriate water emulsion, it will irritate the skin of the face, and then the face may have a fever or a symptom of redness on the face. Therefore, it is not a problem with the body but an allergic skin. Therefore, for such detailed symptoms, it is necessary to pay special attention to the symptoms of facial allergy.

Symptom 4: Skin tension

Nowadays, the main effect of cosmetics is more and the quality of the ingredients is uneven, so it is not a good choice for those who are not very familiar with the ingredients. The use of products containing alcohol or other ingredients on the skin can irritate the skin barrier, which in turn reduces the ability of the stratum corneum to retain water and absorb water, causing symptoms of dryness. Therefore, after using the water lotion many times, there is still a feeling of tightness. At this time, the skin has generally developed into a moderately mild allergic stage.

Symptom 5: peeling off the skin of the face

When the water is used improperly, it will irritate the sebum membrane of the skin and make the keratin become thinner to a certain extent. When the stimulating component is added, the overall resistance of the skin will decrease. Therefore, the overall skin will not be able to lock in moisture and important nutrients, so healthy skin will become much drier and peeling off. At the same time, the skin may be allergic to other symptoms at the same time. The skin peeling of the skin is only a manifestation of water shortage and may mislead some users.

Conclusion: I believe that everyone who has seen the “symptoms of cosmetic allergies” introduced today will have some insights, but for many people, there may be a symptom or several simultaneous occurrences. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the slight discomfort after using the cosmetics on the skin to prevent the skin allergies from developing into moderate or severe problems and not to repair them.

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