Height is an important indicator of the growth and development of children. With the development of society, parents are paying more and more attention to the height of children. However, there are still many misunderstandings and unscientific practices on the issue of children, which not only does not help children, but may also hinder their children from growing.

Spring is the season when children are stunned. Parents help them to eat well, sleep well, play well, and feel good. They can work hard for their children.

Misunderstanding 1: Height genetic decision can not intervene

The acquired environmental factors account for 40%

Many parents believe that the height of a child is determined by heredity. The height of the parent determines the height of the child, and the intervention is basically ineffective. In fact, in terms of children’s height, congenital genetic factors account for 60%, and acquired environmental factors account for 40%, so the day after tomorrow efforts can still help children to marry.

The child’s genetic height is also called the target height. The boy is (father height + mother height + 13) / 2 (± 5 cm), and the girl is (father height + mother height -13) / 2 (± 5 cm). On this basis, the acquired environmental factors can also affect the child’s height. The acquired environmental factors include nutrition, sleep, exercise, psychology, endocrine and disease. Good environmental factors can effectively promote height growth.

♥ Balance nutrition. Make sure to drink 250 to 500 ml of milk a day; eat 1 to 2 eggs; moderate amount of meat, cereals and fruits and vegetables; a balanced diet rich in protein.

♥ Effective exercise. Suitable for long and high sports include jumping, running, touching, playing, skipping, horizontal bar, pull-ups, swimming, etc.; unsuitable sports include weight-lifting, barbell and other power-type exercises. Medium-strength skipping is a simple and effective exercise that is recommended. It is recommended to take it once a day, 30 minutes, before meals. The heart rate during exercise can range from 140 to 160 beats per minute.

♥ Sufficient sleep. Go to bed early and get up early, and have 8 to 10 hours of adequate sleep. Sleep has a long-term effect on the growth and development of children. It is very important because 70% to 80% of the growth hormone in the human body is secreted during sleep. The growth hormone of childhood children begins to be pulsed after 9:00 pm, around 11 pm. There will be a peak of secretion, and children under light sleep will not easily reach this peak.

♥ Good mood. The influence of emotional factors on physical development has been paid more and more attention, just as nutrients are valued. During the child’s growth and development, parents should try to create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere, communicate with the children, do not put too much pressure on the children, too much pressure will also inhibit the secretion of growth hormone.

Misunderstanding 2: Eat more nutrients and more calcium can grow longer

Blind tonic, precocious

Some parents are “daughty short”. When they see that their height is not ideal, or they have checked their height and growth retardation and short stature, they start to supplement their children with various nutrients and eat a lot of calcium tablets. As everyone knows, not only can they not increase their height, but they may cause Precocious puberty, let the child stop growing.

If the child is diagnosed as short in bone age monitoring, parents should not give the child a tonic, which may be counterproductive, and some may even cause precocious puberty in children. Parents should reflect on their diet, sleep, exercise and mood, and even the living environment, and then adjust them in a targeted manner.

In terms of nutrition, foods that are good for growing include dairy products. It is recommended to eat more cheese and yoghurt. Be careful not to replace milk with milk-containing beverages; soy products; animal foods such as eggs, meat and fish; various coarse grains to promote the human body. The metabolism, enhance the body and promote long heights.

In addition, simple calcium supplementation does not promote height growth, and sufficient calcium can strengthen bones, but vitamin D is required. In the sunny spring, children should supplement their vitamin D by diligent sun and plenty of outdoor activities, and at least one hour of outdoor activities per day.

Carbonated drinks, beverages containing more sugar, fried foods, puffed foods, preserved foods, canned products, and fast-growing chicken and river fish are all foods that are not conducive to children’s growth.

Parents should be alert to the impact of precocious puberty on their height. Overnutrition will make children precocious, early sexual development of children, increased secretion of sex hormones will inhibit growth hormone secretion on the one hand, and promote bone development on the other hand, leading to early closure of the epiphysis, both of which will affect height. The results of the study showed that sexual development was 1 year earlier and the height loss was about 5 cm. It is found that the child’s sexual development develops early or suddenly, and should be treated promptly.

Myth #3: A short child may be “late long”

How long can you grow longer?

In the end, whether it is long or late, depending on the age of the child’s bones, in the face of abnormal heights of the children, parents should not wait passively, nor blindly invest in medicine, and break the money and hurt the body.

Height is an important indicator to measure children’s physical health, and height does not continue to grow after adulthood. Therefore, parents should pay attention to children’s height as early as possible, learn to manage the child’s height, and include the height of the child’s health file.

In addition, it is best to measure the bone age every 2 to 3 years after the child is 6 years old, to understand the child’s bone growth status and predict the height. If the height is not ideal, the intervention should be carried out as soon as possible.

Each child’s height does have a distinction between early and late, and the bone age can truly reflect the actual biological age at which the child grows. A commonly used method is to measure the bone age of the left wrist X-ray film. The bone age prediction height is suitable for children over 3 years old. The younger the age, the lower the accuracy. The multiple measurements are more accurate than the single measurement, and the prediction accuracy is higher before and after puberty.

Under normal circumstances, the difference between bone age and actual age should be between ±1 years old. Early development of the child’s bone age is advanced, the growth peak may appear in advance, the epiphysis is closed early, will be long, the performance is currently higher, but the adult lifetime is lower. If the bone age is delayed, it may appear late.

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